Install the iAdvize conversion tag with Google Tag Manager

You can configure the transaction tag, specify its triggering mode and publish it from the Tag Manager user interface.

The iAdvize transaction tracking tag is a "custom html" tag.

1. Install the iAdvize transaction tag in the container

Go to "Workspace".

Click on "Add a new tag".

You will find the iAdvize transaction tag in the administration of our solution by clicking on the integration section.


Create a trigger rule to check that the visitor is on the order confirmation page (e.g. by reading the url of the page).


To do this, create a new trigger.

Click on the "+" sign.


Click on "Page view".


Then click on "Edit".


Then fill in the url of your order confirmation page.



2. Integrate the variables in the iAdvize transaction tag

We use 2 variables in this transaction tag. They are the order total amount and the order ID id. These variables must be created within GTM (if applicable).  


Go to the "Variables" tab to create them.


These are variables of type "Data Layer Variable" or "dataLayer info".


Name them clearly. For example dataLayer info – amount  and  dataLayer info – id 


Include these two variables in the iAdvize transaction tag between two braces. 


For more information, read the implementation guide provided.