Install the iAdvize custom data tag with Google Tag Manager

You can also configure the custom data tag, specify its triggering mode and publish it from the Tag Manager user interface.

All the variables and their criteria must be configured upstream in the iAdvize administration. They can be defined individually according to your needs. 

Install the iAdvize custom data tag in the container

Go to "Workspace".

Click on "Add a new tag".

You will find the iAdvize "custom data" tag in the administration of our solution by clicking on the integration section.



Nb. Insert it before the main iAdvize tag. To do this, you can prioritize the tag over the other tags in the advanced settings. Tags with higher priority numbers will be triggered first.



Create a trigger rule to insert this tag on all pages of the site.


Choose the trigger rule for all pages on your site. 

To do this, select "All Pages".


Replace the "value" placeholders in the iAdvize custom data tag with the corresponding GTM variables. 

Include these two variables in the iAdvize custom data tag between two braces. 


Nb. The variables "page_type" and "page_category" are often defined


For more information, read the provided implementation guide.