Boxed tag: isolate the main iAdvize tag with an iFrame

You can isolate the iAdvize tag to prevent it from getting information from your main web page or from changing the state of this page.

1. The context

The iAdvize tag is an HTML <script> inserted in your website. This one works correctly provided it is inserted in the main document, i.e. in the "window" object, because the actual iAdvize tag must be able to access :

  • The storage of 1st party cookies (for conversation continuity purposes),
  • Visitor data that will feed the targeting engine (current and previous url, window size...),
  • The main information of the HTML code to adapt the notification and the chatbox to the style elements.

Furthermore, the tag records the activity of visitors once the conversation has been launched, during a video or if it is necessary to direct the navigation (during mirroring or co-browsing).

This is relevant for most of you. On the other hand, some customers (e.g. customers in the banking, insurance or health sector) have a greater need for security and confidentiality. This is why we recommend the use of boxed tags.

2. The principle

  • The iAdvize tag will be loaded in an iFrame (invisible "box"), which will isolate it from the rest of the page,
  • iAdvize provides you with a tool and documentation so that the iFrame can exchange with the main page (without directly accessing the information on the main page),
  • The iAdvize boxed tag manages the size of the iFrame automatically (adapting the size of the window according to the actions of visitors),
  • On the other hand, you will have to adapt the way you manage the web sdk (e.g. which allows adaptation according to the visitor's navigation, authentication, and acceptance of cookies or the GDPR). You will also need to manage custom buttons.

The images below illustrate how the iFrame places the iAdvize tag in an invisible box (represented by the dotted lines) to isolate it from the main page.