Import or modify your users with the iAdvize API

The iAdvize public API is an interface that allows you to transmit or retrieve structured data to interact with our solution to automate your reporting, administration or service orchestration processes.

flag in hole Objective

You can use the iAdvize API to import your users, create new ones or update them automatically.

orange book Use cases

Importing or modifying users allows you to automate the management of your users to:

  • create your users en masse,
  • synchronise your users between applications (user provisioning),
  • automate the creation of a user according to your needs,
  • update user information (username, password, group, ...),
  • modify the configuration of your users' communication channels

memo How to proceed

1. Pre-requisite: recovery of your GraphQL API keys

API authentication uses temporary and revocable access keys.

Please note that the lifetime of the key is 24 hours

You can generate an access key by calling the url mentioned in this link with a user email and a password.

2. Importing your users

The userCreate resource, available in our GraphQL API, allows you to specify all the information available when creating your users.

3. Modification of your users

The userUpdate resource, available in our GraphQL API, allows you to update all the information of your users.

4. Available resources


firstName First name of the user
lastName User's name
email User's email
password User's password
roleId User role identifier: advisor, manager, administrator,...
userName User name that will be displayed in the dialogue window

Portrait of the advisor that can be displayed in the dialogue window.

(The image must be less than 1MB, 1000px by 1000px in PNG, jpg or gif format, with automatic resizing applied afterwards)

channels The channels object of this resource allows you to specify the configuration of the different channels (chat, call, video, third party channels) for the user to be created: channel activation, number of configured slots, etc
skills List of competency identifiers assigned to the user
Project Ids The identifiers of the projects accessible to this user
groupId User group identifier
Country preferences User localisation: main language, spoken languages, time zone, date/time format
externalID External user ID
samlId SAML identifier of the user for the use of SSO


Other resources are also available to manage your users and skills.

People management

Informations Description
user To retrieve user information based on its identifier (including channels settings, presence & availability status, user roles)
users  To collect a list of users according to your criterias
userCreate To create a user (including 3rd parts and availability settings, user roles, …)
userUpdate To update a user’s information

To delete a user

userSkillsAdd To easily add one or more skills to a user
userSkillsRemove To easily remove one or more skills from a user
userSkillsSet To easily replace the skills of a user


Skills management

Informations Description
skill To retrieve skill information based on its identifier
skills To collect a list of skills according to your criterias

To create a new skill (including location skill)

skillUpdate To update a skill’s information
To delete a skill


Presence & Availability

Informations Description
userAvailabilityStatusUpdate To update the availability status of an agent


For more information on these different resources, you can consult our documentation developers platform.