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Targeting Rules for Facebook, Messenger, SMS and WhatsApp

Until now, when you wanted to use Facebook, Messenger, SMS or WhatsApp in iAdvize, you connected your account in the solution and then receives all the messages in the discussion panel.
Well now, you can be more precise in choosing which messages you want to receive and handle. To do that, we released new targeting rules for Facebook, Messenger, SMS and WhatsApp.
After you connected your account to iAdvize, you are now able to create rules to drop or receive specific conversations based on their content (keywords), their type (posts, comment, private), the page/number they've been sent to or the ID of the original content (the ID of the post of the comment you want to receive, for example).

To create a new rule click on "Engagement" > "Targeting campaigns" et select the Social channel.
Click on Categorie_de_reponses-offres-liens_FR_5.png to create a new listening rule
You can then link these rules to routing rules and decide which groups of agents will receive the conversations or not.