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Create a multi-channel targeting campaign

You have installed the iAdvize tag on your website and checked the network settings. Now, you just need to create your first targeting campaign by providing all your visitors with live chat support. 

Target your customers based on their needs, behaviour, browsing behaviour, their profile and your business criteria. Then, distribute conversations to the agent most qualified to respond, no matter what channel you use. 

1/ Target your visitors
2/ Distribute conversations to the agent most qualified to respond

1/ Target your visitors

To provide your customers with live chat support on your website, please go to the "Engagement" tab > the "Targeting" tab and create a "default" button. 


To display a "default" call button on all the pages of your website, please click on Categorie_de_reponses-offres-liens_FR_5.png and complete this particular field as follows: "current page" > contains > ."



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A message is now displayed when one or more of your targeting rules are not routed.

A new button-shaped view lets you distinguish between targeting rules that are related to distribution rules and those that are not yet targeted. The "orange" button means that the rule is not yet bound.


2/ Distribute conversations to the agent most qualified to respond 

The iAdvize new routing engine enables you to send questions to the customer support agent most qualified to respond, no matter what channel you use. 

Once you have created your targeting rules, please create a routing group by clicking on the "Distribution" tab and then select "Routing groups" in the drop-down menu. 

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routing groups

Once you have created your routing groups, assign them to the targeting rules you have previously created via a routing rule (you can find this section in the drop-down menu). 

This is essential for the routing engine to work properly. 


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Here is a schematic overview of a targeting campaign: