Integrate Avis Vérifiés with iAdvize

iAdvize, the conversational commerce platform, and Avis Vérifiés, the customer review specialist, team up to create a technological connector.

This connector enables retailers to interact with their customers (or visitors) when the latter are posting bad reviews.

You can install this connector for free. It enables you to reduce the number of bad reviews your business gets and helps you improve your customer satisfaction rate.

To use this connector, you need to be a customer of both iAdvize and Avis Vérifiés.

1. Configuration on Avis Vérifiés
2. Configuration on iAdvize


1. Configuration on Avis Vérifiés

In your customer area, please go to Configuration > Applications > iAdvize


Then continue the configuration by following these steps:

  • Select "I want to activate iAdvize"
  • Fill in your "iAdvize Id", (you can find it in the Projects tab in iAdvize's backoffice and then highlight the "Code to insert" part)
  • Indicate the grade from which you wish to see the chat being triggered
  • You have configured iAdvize on Avis Vérifiés

2. Configuration on iAdvize

It's a 2-step configuration:  

2.1 Add a targeting rule dedicated to the customer review website 

You need to change the restriction on the "address" field to allow iAdvize to be loaded on the webpage dedicated to customer reviews. 

On the iAdvize platform, please go to Engagement > Targeting > Create a new rule


Fill in the fields as follows :


1: Avis Vérifiés

2: URL =

3: Message (you can personalize it) = "You don't seem completely happy with your order. Can we help you with anything?"

4: Save.

2.2 Open the restriction by domain name

To allow iAdvize to be loaded on the webpage dedicated to the publication of reviews, you need to change the restriction on the "Address" field by adding a " . " to it in the "Projets" tab.

You can access the "Projets" tab by clicking on your profile at the upper right corner of your screen.


Then, you just need to edit (with the pencil) this field to enable the activation of the chat on the webpage dedicated to the publication of reviews.