Log on the mobile App

First things first, please download the latest mobile version app on the App Store or on the Play Store according to the operating system you are using. 

The iAdvize mobile application is compatible with the following OS :

  • From Apple iOS 12
  • From Android 4.4

Once the app installed on your mobile device, please log in to the app with the credentials given by your administrator / manager (the same you may be using on the desktop version of the iAdvize platform).




1. Your conversation panel 

Once logged in to the iAdvize mobile app, you land on your discussion panel composed of 3 different tabs : Chats / Activity / Profile



1.1 Your Chats Tab

  • When you receive a Chat* or 3rd party channel conversation (FB, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS), you can click on it to respond to your visitor.
NB: The channel of origin of the visitor is recognizable thanks to the pictograms





*For the chat channel, the green or red dot indicates if the visitor is still online or not


1.2 Your Activity Tab

  • You can see your weekly and monthly stats
  • You can monitor the number of chat conversations you have handled and your satisfaction rate



1.3 Your profile Tab

This tab allows you to see all the information related to your profile :

  • Your current status : available or unavailable
  • The number of simultaneous chat or 3rd party (FB, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS) conversations you can handle (1)
  • Enable or disable the arrival of chat conversations or from social and third-party apps (2)
  • The possibility or no to see canned answers appear on your keyboard to help you respond faster to your visitors
  • Manage your customised canned answers
  • A "Help & Feedback" center to report crashes, problems, suggest features, ask to become a beta tester or simply rate the app
  • The licenses related to your account
  • The possibility to log out

⚠ (1) Adjusting the number of slots for social and third party conversations can only be done from the iAdvize Admin. In the app, this is only possible for the chat and mobile SDK


⚠ (2) To see the channels appear on your App, please contact your Admin or Manager so that he can activate them from your account on desktop





1.4 Edit your profile

By clicking on the edit button, we will be able to :

  • Add/Edit your avatar
  • Edit your first name/surname
  • Add a city
  • Add a description
NB : Profile editing is only available for administrators and managers on the iAdvize Mobile App.




2. A few differences between the web version of the iAdvize platform and your mobile app

On the iAdvize mobile app, you cannot : 

  • Send the chat history
⚠ On iPhone (iOS), a disconnection from the application is automatically performed after 30 seconds of inactivity in the background.
This restriction is imposed by Apple, it will not be possible to bypass it.

On phones with Android, it's depending on the device when an application is automatically put in the background due to inactivity.
Often you have the possibility to change the delay in your settings.


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