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TIPS #1 : Adjusting time to trigger



In order to adjust the time to trigger of your targeting rules, start by logging in your iAdvize administration console and click on« Engagement » then « Targeting Campaigns ».

Look for the targeting rule you would like to modify and click on the "pencil" icon to edit the rule.





Edit the targeting criteria « Browsing Time Spent on the page (in min) ». Don't forget, the criteria to amend needs to be in % of a minute, with a full stop (and not a comma). For instance, for 10 seconds, use 0.16 and for 1 minute, just type 1.


Examples :

  • 5 seconds = 0.08 
  • 10 seconds = 0.16
  • 15 seconds = 0.25
  • 20 seconds = 0.33
  • 30 seconds = 0.5
  • 45 seconds = 0.75
  • 1m = 1 
  • 1m10 = 1.16 





Once edited, you can save the rule and test that it is working as expected.





  • The time to trigger you indicate starts once the iAdvize tag is fully loaded on the website. Therefore, this delay might slightly be extended by a few seconds depending on the time necessary to load your website. 

  • When editing these times to trigger, make sure you don't have rules triggered simultaneously on the same page/scope, otherwise statistics will be skewed.