The Status page

Whether your website is hosted on a High Availability (HA) or a Standard (SD) platform, at any time, you can have access to the current status and stability of our servers through the Status Page. 

1/ Access the Status Page
2/ Subscribe to the Status Page 
3/ Select notifications by feature
4/ Description of the different elements

1/ Access to the Status page

There are two ways to access the status page :

- You can either directly access it via this url link : 

- Or you can access it via the iAdvize Help Center :


NB: this page is only available in English.

2/ Subscribe to the Status page

We provide you with a multitude of proactive information channels to constantly keep you informed of the stability of our equipment and services, planned maintenance operations and potential incidents.

You just have to click on "Subscribe to Updates"


You can choose to be automatically informed :

  • via email*
  • via text messages

*You will then receive a confirmation email. Be careful, it's possible that the mail lands in your spam folder. If that happens, please open it and click on the option "Not spam". 

3/ Select notifications by feature

By default, you are subscribed to all notifications. However, you can select to only receive notifications for the information that will be relevant to you depending on your use of the iAdvize platform.


For example : If you don't use the Click to Call solution, uncheck the "Call services" and "Call recording" notifications.


At any time, you can unsubscribe from the status page. To do so :

- If you are on the HA platform, uncheck all notifications.


- On the SD platform, please click on "Unsubscribe" from a email status.


4/ Description of the different elements

Administrator topics  Access to the Administration, Account Login, Browsing, etc.
Agent topics  Access to the discussion panel, canned responses, types of conversations, etc.
Website widgets  How the chat invitation is displayed on the visitor's side
Mobile app (for brand advocates)  Mobile application available on both Android and iOS
API  API Documentation
Message delivery in conversations  
   Chat Service   Routing, XMPP, etc.
   Call Service  Twilio
   Video Service  Twilio
   Messenger Conversation Service  Facebook services
   Facebook Conversation Service  Facebook services
   Whatsapp Conversation Service  Whatsapp services
Inner components  Internal components
   Mirroring  Mirroring/cobrowsing components
   Community livefeed  Livefeed
   Call recording  
   API Call  
   Call meeting