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TIPS #2 : Create a new targeting rule


In order to create a new targeting rule, start by logging in your iAdvize administration console and click on« Engagement » then « Targeting Campaigns ».


You can add a new targeting rule by clicking on the "+" icon at the top right corner. It is important to give as many details in the name of this rule, and keep the same structure across all your rules for a better management later (Button type, Page type, Device, time to trigger etc.)




You can now start adding your targeting criteria that will alow you to define your audience. You can add up as many targeting criteria as you wish; but if one condition is not fulfilled, visitors won't be engaged with this rule. It is good practice to control and test your targeting rules displays directly from your website.




Before saving your rule, choose wich engagement method you would like to trigger; overlay button, proactive chatbox or invitation. You can also restrict the routing of these conversations only to advisors who own a specific skill (if skills have been previously created). 




Bear in mind to keep your targeting rules well partitioned, as statistics will be skewed if 2 targeting rules trigger at the same time on the same page.