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TIPS #4 : Targeting visitors on Mobile


In order to target visitors on Mobile devices, start by logging in your iAdvize administration console and click on« Engagement » then « Targeting Campaigns ».

You can add a new targeting rule by clicking on the "+" icon at the top right corner and name it as an example "Homepage - OVL - 10s (mobile)". 





You can then indicate your targeting criteria by specifying Type of device is exactly "Mobile". Bear in mind that the criteria "Browsing time spent on the page (in minutes)" is to be set up in % of a minute, with a full stop (not a comma). Example : For 10s, indicate 0.16. For 1m, indicate 1. 


Regarding the engagement method, it is required that you choose a specific "mobile" button to make it adapted to that device. 





To partition your rules per device, think about editing your other rules with teh criteria "Type of device is not mobile" to your rules Desktop+Tablet. 


For your "Mobile" rules, choose a dedicated mobile button.