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TIPS #5 : How to use Engagement methods



To understand and use all iAdvize Engagement methods,start by logging in your iAdvize administration console and click on« Engagement » then « Targeting Campaigns ». You can add a new targeting rule by clicking on the "+" icon at the top right corner.

Once you have added all your targeting criteria, you can choose the relevant engagement method. 




here is a reminder of the 3 most used engagement methods : 


The Overlay button (also called Floating button) : 



The Proactive message: 




The invitation : 





Make sure you don't trigger two engagement method at the same time based on the same criteria. We usually apply an escalation system by starting with overlay button first, and then triggering a more proactive method if the time spent on the page is high, or if a value (basket, price) is high.


The engagement methods « Proactive message » and « Invitation » are capped at one per session, to avoid being too intrusive. It is therefore important to trigger them at a key moment in the visitor's journey.