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TIPS #8 : Set-up contacts routing through skills

Visitors needs may vary depending on which page they are consulting, and therefore might require different skills from your agents (billing, technical, after-sale)…

It is therefore possible in iAdvize to assign skills to your different agents, to offer your visitors the best advice, thanks to an automatic routing of the contacts per skill.

To set up distribution rules through skills, start by logging in to your iAdvize administration console and click on « People » then « Management »

To create a skill, click on the "+" icon at the top right corner. 



Once "Skills" is selected under the drop-down menu, you can allow transfers between skills (or not). You can :

  • Enable the transfer of contacts to "unskilled" agents if no "skilled" agents are available
  • Enable the transfer of contacts addressed to other skills to this skill





Once skills are created and in order to use them, you will need to assign them to some or all your agents profiles.

When you edit or create a new user, you'll find a section called "Skills" (under Expertise), where you'll be able to select which skill(s) you want to assign this agent to.




It is also very easy to route conversations from a specific targeting rule to a specific skill. To do that go to "Engagement" and then "Targeting Campaigns". Create or edit a rule and click on "Advanced settings" just underneath criteria, you'll be able to pick which skill(s) will be able to receive conversations from that particular rule.