Give your visitors a rating based on their behaviour

Each action of your visitors will change the score, until it reaches the one that will trigger an action. To adjust the scoring system of your targeting strategy, go to the iAdvize administration and click on the "Engagement" tab -> "Settings" and then on the "Targeting" tab.
After that, you can edit your visitor scoring rules.


In this case, each time visitors pass through the check-out funnel, they "earn" 20 points. You can adjust the number of points (increase/decrease it). The more points you give, the more open your strategy will be.



Don't forget to partition your scoring system. For example, you can create two stages: From 0 to 50 and more than 50. 

The more points visitors have, the more engaged they are. The objective is to provide visitors who have a high score with quicker engagement methods.