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TIP #11: Creating targeting perimeters


What's a targeting rule?

A targeting rule enables you to support your visitors in the right place at the right time, according to their behavior on your website. 

To do that, iAdvize provides you with different engagement criteria that you can configure in your iAdvize administration. 


What's a targeting perimeter?

We call "perimeter" a webpage or a group of webpages on which customer support is offered to your visitors. In order to define these webpages, you can use different elements: page_type, URL, etc. 



Thus, you can create a rule in the "Engagement" tab by going to "Targeting" and clicking on the "+" icon at the top right corner of your screen. 

You can now choose different criteria which will define your targeting perimeter. For example, we have chosen the product prices (superior to €100) and the page type (product page).


Please choose your engagement method and then save the rule you've just created


Please make sure you don't offer different engagement methods on the same targeting perimeter (homepage, listing, product page, basket value, etc.) unless you have created a differentiating criterion (by classifying visitors, the price on the product page, etc.). The objective is to get the most accurate statistics possible.

The only way to have 3 targeting rules on the same perimeter is to use 2 different engagement methods. In order to be consistent, first use an engagement button (in the first 10 seconds for example) and then display a personalized message (after 2 minutes).