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TIPS #3 : Targeting returning visitors




In order to target returning visitors, start by logging in your iAdvize administration console and click on « Engagement » then « Targeting Campaigns ».

Click on "+" icon at the top right corner to add a new targeting rule. For instance, you can name that rule "Returning visitors -72h - Proactive message - 15s"




You can then indicate your targeting criteria. Here are the most important criteria to target returning visitors : 

  • Time elapsed since last visit (in hours) is less than 72
  • Time elapsed since last visit (in hours) is more than 72 


Bear in mind that the criteria "Browsing time spent on the page (in minutes)" is to be set up in % of a minute, with a full stop (not a comma). Example : For 10s, indicate 0.16. For 1m, indicate 1. 



Before saving your rule, customise your proactive message. 





Bear in mind to keep your targeting rules well partitioned, as statistics will be skewed if 2 targeting rules trigger at the same time on the same page (eg. one for returning visitors and a generic one).