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TIPS #7 : Checking the correct iAdvize tag integration




To check the correct implementation of the iAdvize solution, start by opening your website on the homepage. 

Open your web browser console (right-click, inspect element, go to console tab - may vary from a browser to another) : 




And enter in this console the following commands (iAdvize and press enter, and then iAdvize.vStats and press enter again: 




If you have something similar to the above screenshots, that means the code is correctly implemented and ready to work. 


Here are two extra commands useful to know : 

  • idzCustomData : Allows you to display all "Custom data" that you might have implemented (cart_amount ; page_type..)
  • idzTrans : Only available on the Order confirmation page, this tag will allow iAdvize to monitor transactions (order value, transaction ID..) and to link it to a conversation.



Checking the Conversion tag (with idzTrans command) is only on the order confirmation page.

Checking these commands needs the website to be fully loaded first. Each command is case-sensitive.

If the iAdvize.vStats, which allows the linking between iAdvize and your tag, is resulting in « undefined », that means there is an issue in the implementation of the tag, or in the URL specified in iAdvize under "Projects", visible in the iAdvize administration console by clicking on your profile icon at the very top right corner.