Microsoft Azure OpenAI & iAdvize

To bring you the most powerful, trustworthy generative AI technology possible, iAdvize is partnering with Microsoft Azure OpenAI. This article highlights the advantages of this partnership.

Available Generative AI Features

The functionality The smart summary feature offers respondents a summary of past conversations, available on their conversational panel.
Smart summary can be activated from iAdvize administration dashboard. This feature allows respondents to quickly take note of the content of a conversation paused or transferred by another respondent, saving time and increasing productivity.

How do these generative AI features work?

  • iAdvize uses the API provided by Microsoft Azure OpenAI for its generative AI features
  • iAdvize generative AI features offer operating modes and safety measures different from public AI models
  • data collected during conversations will not be used to improve Microsoft Azure OpenAI products.
  • We recommend that you encourage a human-led review of the AI recommendations.

Legal framework

  • The partnership between iAdvize and Microsoft Azure OpenAI is iGDPR compliant
  • Microsoft Azure OpenAI and iAdvize have enter into a Data Processing Agreement

Data and confidentiality

  • Microsoft Azure OpenAI servers are based in Europe. (France and the Netherlands) (this article summarizes where iAdvize stores data)
  • Microsoft Azure OpenAI retains data for a maximum of 30 days for the sole purpose of monitoring misuse and fraud
  • the data used will not be used to enhance Microsoft Azure OpenAI products
  • more informations is available on the Microsoft Azure OpenAI website.

Information for visitors and respondents

  • if you choose to activate a generative AI feature, iAdvize recommends that you inform your visitors in advance of their interaction with an AI.
  • To properly inform your visitors, you can modify your consent form and your legal information from iAdvize administration dashboard
  • we also recommend that you inform your team of respondents.