The various iAdvize Tags

For your website to function, iAdvize relies on tags inserted into your web pages' code. This article introduces them and their variations.


The main iAdvize Tag

This tag is the only one strictly necessary for iAdvize to work on your site. It allows, among other things:

  • To analyze visitor navigation for targeting
  • To engage them with a notification
  • To ensure conversation stability
  • On the agent's side, to view visitor navigation if mirroring is enabled
Tag and loading time
We aim for the smallest possible impact on the loading time of sites incorporating iAdvize, and users should not notice the tag's presence on the pages where it is located.

To this end, the main tag loads progressively, depending on needs and visitor navigation. 


"Cookie-less" Version

The "cookie-less" version of the tag enables you to engage visitors before they have consented or not to the cookie deposit upon arriving on the site.

If they refuse cookies but choose to start a conversation, they can consent to the necessary cookies for its proper functioning later on, from the chatbox.


Constrained or "Boxed Tag" Version

This version lets you deploy the iAdvize tag in an iFrame, isolating it form your web page and reducing information exchanged with it.

For this reason, targeting criteria are more limited, as iAdvize had less information about visitor navigation.

The "boxed tag" meets higher security and privacy requirements. It's especially suitable for the banking, insurance or health sectors.


"Classic" Version

This "legacy" version of the tag allows you to engage your visitors without considering their consent to cookie deposit.


Transaction Tag

This tag lets you track transactions made on your site to measure conversations' impact on your revenue.

It records transactions and attributes them to a conversation within a timeframe that can be set forme iAdvize's administration.

This tag works in conjunction with the main iAdvize tag and thus needs the latter to function.


Custom Data Tag

In addition to the criteria already targeted by the main tag, it allows you to create and collect other types of data in your visitors' navigation (page, category, cart amount, etc...), which you can use to refine your conversation strategy.

The application are numerous:

  • Targeting adaptation
  • Information retrieval for your own use
  • Scenario adaptation for certain bots
  • Information feedback on the agent's dashboard (via visitor profile, Custom apps, or Copilot)

This tag works in conjunction with the main iAdvize tag and thus needs the latter to function.