iAdvize platform migration

As of January 1, 2024, iAdvize will cease to maintain its "sd - Ikoula" platform. If you are currently using it, your current accesses will no longer work.

You are concerned by this migration if an administrator of your account has received this email.

Why migrate?

Because you'll benefit from a more advanced platform! This will give you access to all our latest innovations such as, for example, WhatsApp and iAdvize CopilotTM, functionality from our trusted Generative AI.

NB: the tag change only concerns your main tag(s) and has no impact on the transaction tag or your custom data tag.

What to do?

For your site to work on the new version of the platform, you must replace your current tag between November 15 and December 31, 2023 with the tag sent by e-mail.

This migration will generate a change of temporary logins and passwords for you and your teams (administrators, managers and advisors) as soon as your new tag is in production. The list of new logins and passwords will be sent to your administrator as of November 13, 2023.

You will continue to have access to your statistics on the old platform for a period of six months after this migration, i.e. until June 30, 2024. We therefore invite you to download your data, which will then no longer be visible on the new platform.

On the other hand, migration from one platform to another will be transparent for your customers.

Check list 

To ensure the success of this migration, please follow the checklist below: 


  • Make sure you have:
    • a list of new temporary logins and associated passwords for you and your team
    • new tag(s) to install on your site(s)


  • You must have planned your migration date before January 1, 2024.


  • According to your internal safety rules, you have communicated to each member of your organization:
    • the new login link : https://ha.iadvize.com
    • the new individual login (e.g. lastname.firstname+ha@domainname.com)
    • the new password
    • the date from which each user should log in with these elements


Make sure that:

  • the new iAdvize tag is installed in place of the old one, on all pages of your site
  • every member of the organization:
    • manages to connect
    • changed password on first login
    • access to their usual work environment (administration for admin/managers, console for advisors)
  • advisors receive conversations at their desks


You'll find your logins without the "+ha" extension (e.g. name.firstname@domainname.com). For all your users :

If you have any problems, please see our dedicated article on how resetting your password.


Download your statistics from the old platform

  • Connection link: https://sd.iadvize.com
  • Temporary login for data retrieval (e.g. surname.firstname+sd@nomdedomaine.com)
  • Your old password

Support assistance

Agents support

A bot is available in the event of a connection failure.

If, however, automated support via this bot fails to resolve the connection problem, the manager must open a ticket (see next paragraph).

Administrators and managers support

If one of your users encounters a connection problem, open a ticket with our Support department (specify Platform Migration in the subject line).