To benefit from the trusted generative AI solution for e-commerce, simply install the iAdvize - AI Copilot application, available on the Shopify store.

This application makes it quick and easy to install the iAdvize solution in just a few clicks. Deploy the iAdvize chatbox and activate our AI Co-pilots easily, and collect your product information and FAQs to feed the AI.


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Deploy the iAdvize solution

Conversation tag

The application leverages your Shopify theme to automatically deploy the conversation tag on your website and activate Copilot for Shoppers.


Product ID

Identify the product consulted by your customer by adding a tag to your product pages to inform Copilot of the product consulted and enable it to respond accurately to customer queries.


Transaction tag

Track post-conversation sales generated by the app. Collect data and visualize Copilot sales by installing our conversion tag on your order status page (additional script).



NB : The iAdvize app offers a theme extension with the main tags (app embeds), helping you to easily add them to the pages of your Shopify online store.


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Make the most of your product information

Synchronize your product catalog

Automatically collect product data from your Shopify store and create a knowledge source to feed AI.

Ensure real-time synchronization of product information with Shopify.

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Make the most of your website's FAQ's


Use information from your FAQ pages

Transform your website content into AI-friendly information (FAQ, sizing guide, etc.).

Save your data in our FAQ knowledge source to feed AI, while ensuring data updates from Shopify.

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