Improve your Generative AI bot

To improve your bot's responses, you can access the path it takes to provide them. To do this, go to Reporting > Conversations and add a filter Processed by Generative AI :


  • Navigate to closed conversations and open the one you are interested in.


  • Then, click on the Info.png under the response you want to see the details of. This will take you to the next page:


  • The Messages section gives you information about the message sent by the visitor and the one provided by your bot.
  • The knowledges records used section gives you information about the parts of your knowledge that the AI used to generate its response.
  • The knowledges records discarded section also gives you information about the bot's search, and that it scanned the indicated parts of your knowledge but didn't find any relevant information to generate a response.

By studying this information, you can optimize your knowledge to provide your bot with as much content as possible. In this way, your bot will be able to respond optimally to your visitors.

Please note that this feature does not apply to pre-recorded automatic messages (such as the first message sent by your bot to a new visitor). Also, some of the information given by the AI to your visitor may come from its general knowledge.