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Close a discussion

Closing discussions is an essential step that is not to be overlooked. At the end of each discussion, consider closing and qualifying your exchange. 

1/ Close a discussion
1.1/ Qualify the discussion
1.2/ Add a conversation endnote
/ Quality survey
1.4/ Options
2/ In case you forget
3/ Close a chat on "Social" channels

1/ Close a discussion

Once the exchange is done with your visitor, it is necessary to close the discussion so that agents can start a new one.

Once you close the discussion, visitors are warned of the end of the discussion and the chat window is automatically reduced. 
Visitors can also close the chat window; agents will be warned of this.

You can close a discussion by clicking on the close icon of the chat window or the "End chat" link present in the action pane on the left.


Once you do this, a window appears and allows you to perform certain actions before permanently closing the exchange.


1.1/ Qualify the discussion

It may be interesting to qualify your discussions to be able to later extract statistics based on topics covered in your exchanges. For example, you can know the average handling time of exchanges concerning your after sales service. 

You can add a new conversation type at this stage or use an existing type from the drop down menu (1).

If the available tags are mapped to conversation categories, the most relevant ones are recommended at the top of the tags list.

1.2/ Add a conversation endnote

In addition to qualification, you can add a conversation endnote (2). This is an open comment about your exchange and will be able to be consulted later in the chat history of the discussion.    

1.3/ Quality survey

Our main objective is for you to enjoy using the chat solution. That’s why we’ve created a satisfaction survey (3): it allows you to qualify the quality of our network and the quality of the iAdvize solution in general after you’ve had a chat conversation. 

1.4/ Options

  • Transfer the history of the conversation and the associated note by selecting the option "Send by email" (4) and enter the recipient's e-mail address.

  • If you have installed our Zendesk plugin, an option can be visible to save the chat history in Zendesk.

    2/ In case you forget

It is always possible to qualify an exchange after it has been closed or add a note from the chat history by going to "Log > Conversations", and opening a conversation.


3/ Close a chat on "Social" Channels

Before ending a social conversation, you can tag the discussion using conversation types.

When you end a social conversation (from Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.) you have two options: (1) "Close" and (2) "Close and end the conversation"

(1) When you click on the "Close" option, the chat window disappears from your conversation panel but remains in the picking list.

(2) When you click on the "Close and end the conversation" option, the chat window disappears from both your conversation panel and the picking list. Thus, this conversation is taken into account in your iAdvize reports.

It is now possible to consult the conversation history of the "Social" channel, via the "Conversations" section.

Messages will appear in the history when closed. The are two kind of closing contact : 

  • Natural : until 7 days of inactivity inside the conversation (no answer from the WhatsApp user or from the user)
  • Manually : the operator is available to close the contact whenever he wants