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Customizing the chat window

Customize the look of the chat bar or chat window to maintain consistency with your entire site.

 If you already have a chat template customized by our webdesign team, you will not be able to perform modifications from the interface described in this article. 
In this case we suggest you to contact your Customer Success Strategist in order to request template modifications.


1/ Go to the customization page
2/ Customization options

1/ Go to the customization page

To access the customization page of the chat window or chat bar, go to "Engagement" then "Notification > Chat window".

The customisation page consists in 3 components:


1 - Customisation options
  • 2 - A display of the chat window or chat bar to preview your changes
  • 3 - Your site in the background to contextualise the display and lets you see the result before saving changes

2/ Customisation options

2.1/ Format

Choose to customise the chat bar or chat window by selecting the correct format.

2.2/ Colours

You can customize the colours of the following items:

  • Chat window: this is the outline of the chat window (area containing the messages exchanged)
  • Chat bar: the zone shown at the top of the chat window, or corresponding to the bar in "chat bar" mode
  • Service buttons: this is the "send" button
  • Visitor message: customize the colour of messages sent by visitors
  • Agent message: customize the colour of messages sent by agents
  • Alert message: customize the colour of alert messages (e.g. the visitor left the website)

Choose from our proposed sets of predefined colours or click on the colour code of your choice to open the tool box.

2.3/ Texts

Here you set the size and font of the text to be displayed in the chat.

Change the default text displayed in the text box and configure it in the different languages supported by your agents.

2.4/ Size

Choose the size (height and width) of the chat window that appears on your site.

2.5/ Portrait

You can show or hide the portrait of your agents. You can associate an image portrait for each agent by editing their user account from the administration.

2.6/ Advanced


Position of the chat window: Choose the position of the chat window. It can be blocked on the lower right, and the visitor will not be able to move it. Otherwise, it will be present in the middle of the page and in this case can be moved by the visitor.
  • Transparency: You can make the chat window more or less transparent.
  • Sound signal: This is where you can activate an alarm that will trigger on the visitor side each time there is a new response from the agent.