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Using the iAdvize API

You want to import your chat history within your CRM or trigger events when an agent is available? Our API allows you to automate the exchange of information with external tools.

1/  REST and Push API

The REST API provides access to iAdvize resources. It is also possible to perform certain actions such as creating, editing or deleting information (CRUD). 

Multiple applications are possible. For example, you can access data from your visitors, edit a user account or add new conversation type to your discussions. 

The Push API allows data to be sent via a callback URL of your choice when an event is triggered (start of a chat, status change of an agent, etc.).

2/ Get access to the API

To use our Rest and Push APIs, you must first make a request to create an API Key to our iAdvize customer help center.

To do so, click on your avatar displayed at the top right of your iAdvize administration. Then select "Help" to access the iAdvize Help Center :

You will automatically be logged into our Help Center, where you can send us a request.

Also to have your API key, please contact support.

3/ Technical documentation

Technical documentation for our APIs is available online. iAdvize support is ready to answer questions about our REST and Push APIs.