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Adjust your network settings

We require broadened access to provide for our future developments in terms of protocols and network infrastructure, and to avoid you having to systematically change your configuration at each change on our side.


1/ Ports and Protocol

Opening ports 80 and 443 is essential (ideally on all protocols).
Currently, we use the protocols https, wss, xmpp, and bosh. Please be sure these protocols are open on your network.

2/ Domains

Note : We are using dynamic IP ranges. Please refer to domain name exclusively if you need to apply filtering.

2.1/ Global configuration on domains and protocols

It is essential not to filter requests between your agents and our servers.
We therefore ask you a bypass * on your network equipment (proxy, firewall, etc.).

Be sure to open this domain on all protocols used by iAdvize solution :

  • https://*
  • wss://*


iAdvize solution is using Launchdarkly in order to proceed to continuous deployments, helping us to deploy new features in specific contexts. Therefor we invite you to bypass this domain :

  • https://*

2.2/ Configuration mandatory for video & call channels

Bypassing * is also mandatory if you are using:

  • the video channel
  • the call channel, only if your agents are answering the calls from the iAdvize discussion panel (without using a phone)

Twilio is also using https and wss protocols, so please be also sure to open the domain * on all protocols used by the Twilio solution :

  • https://*
  • wss://*

2.3/ Configuration mandatory for the automatic translation tool and the file upload:

  • https://* : Bypassing this domain is necessary if you need to use the automatic translation feature on the conversation panel.
  • https://* : Bypassing this domain is also necessary if you need to use the send a file feature on the conversation panel.


Note: If these configurations are not respected, we cannot guarantee that iAdvize will work properly.