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Manage your presence on the conversation panel

From the conversation panel, you can easily manage your presence for different communication channels.

1/ Login
Here are the addresses for connecting to your administration:

Once connected:

  • if you are an agent you will access the conversation panel directly
  • if you are a manager or administrator, you will access the administration of your iAdvize account. Click on the "Conversation Panel" button at the bottom on the left

2/ Make yourself unavailable

To make yourself unavailable for a communication channel, click the icon of the corresponding channel. You will no longer receive any new messages or calls.

As such, if you click on the chat icon, the button changes to "OFF". You are then not available for the chat:

Note: When unavailable for the chat, it is still possible to receive a new discussion if it was sent by transfer.

The busy status:

When you've reached your maximum number of simultaneous chat discussions, your status will change to busy (orange icon) until a discussion is terminated:

For more details on the various states, please see this article.

3/ Log out

Just click on the disconnect icon displayed at the top right of the panel. You will then no longer be available for any communication channel, and completely disconnected from your iAdvize account.