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The chat window in the desktop conversation panel

The chat box is the central element of the conversation panel. It contains information about the visitor, messages exchanged and the tools available during the discussion (message filter, sending a link or an offer, etc.)

1/ Filters
2/ Action pane
3/ Information pane
4/ Chat box
5/ Typing box


1/ Filters

They allow you to filter the contents of the chat box to only display one type of message.

  • Visitor: only displays visitor messages
  • Agent: only displays agent messages
  • Actions: only displays the actions performed during the conversation (sending offers, links, etc.)
  • Navigation: only displays visitor navigation information (url visited during the conversation)

2/ Action pane

This pane, which can be reduced, groups all available actions during a discussion. Some actions are unavailable in call or video mode:

Send a link:
You send a link to the person you are speaking to. The visitor can click the link in the chat window.

Send an offer:
You send an offer to the person you are speaking to. This is a sales message accompanied by an image and a link which appears in the visitor's chat box.

Direct navigation:
If a visitor cannot find a product or carry out an action, it can sometimes be easier to demonstrate how to do so on the visitor's screen. With this feature, take control of your visitors' navigation to direct them where you want.

Open the current page:
This option allows you to open the page the visitor is currently looking at in a new tab in your browser. This can be useful if you can't see certain areas of the page from the conversation panel.

Attention: opening the current page does not save the visitor's session information. A product put into the basket will therefore not appear. Or if a visitor is logged in, you open the current page but are not logged in to the account.

Forward this visitor:

You don't have the answers to your visitor's questions? Transfer them to a suitable agent with the option "Forward this visitor".

Report a problem:
During your conversations, visitors have told you about problems with your site? You can report them during the discussion with the option "Report a problem". You can then find the list of all reported problems from your administration.

Close the discussion:
At the end of each discussion, it is necessary to close the conversation by clicking the option "Close the discussion" or the cross icon which allows you to close the chat window.

Block this visitor: You can block an unwanted customer to avoid being contacted by the customer again. Customers can be unblocked by a manager from customer management.


3/ Information pane

This pane gives you all of the visitor's information (navigation information and information from custom data)

This is how the visitor accessed your site (direct access, search engine etc.)

Here you will find information about the visitor's navigation around your site:

  • Browsing duration
  • Number of pages viewed
  • Number of visits to your site by this internet user.

The profile contains technical information on the visitor (country, browser and operating system used)

Past messages:
Here you will find the number of past messages between your agents and this visitor. Clicking "Show customer record" gives you access to the past conversations with the visitor.

Custom data:
You can also show custom data about your visitor (current basket amount, your client identifier, etc.). To do this, "Custom data" must be put in place within your iAdvize administration.

4/ Chat box

Here you will find all past messages between the agent and the visitor, as well as signals (shown with an exclamation mark in the discussion).

The agent can see messages being typed by the visitor. However, the visitor only sees the agent's message if it has sent it.

5/ Typing box


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