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Manage the user accounts

View all user accounts created from your administration. Use the search engine to find a user or use the filter options to identify, for example, all the administrators of your iAdvize account.

1/ Access the users list

To access the list of all users, click the icon located on the top left side :

2/ The account management page

All the existing user accounts are available from this page.

  • Name : This is the first and last name of the user.

  • Role : This corresponds to the status of the user (Agent, Manager or Administrator) account.

  • Channels : These are the channels enabled for the user.
  • Status : The connection status of users on the discussion panel is shown here (offline, online, busy, unavailable).

  • Log in : Last connection of the agent
  • Satisfaction : Average satisfaction of the agent since his account was created
  • Created on : Shows the creation date of the account.

Note : You can disconnect any user from the discussion panel by clicking on their status.

3/ Find a user or filter information

Find a user by entering his name in the search field and/or filter the results using the role or status filters. Click on the following icon  to get the result of your search. 

4/ Edit or delete a user account
To edit a user account, click on the following icon . 

To delete an account, click .


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