Manage the user accounts

View all user accounts created from your administration. Use the search engine to find a user or use the filter options to identify, for example, all the administrators of your iAdvize account.

1. Access the users list

To access the list of all users, click the icon located on the top left side :

2. The account management page

All the existing user accounts are available from this page.

  • Name: This is the first and last name of the user.

  • Role: This corresponds to the status of the user (Agent, Manager or Administrator) account.

  • Channels: These are the channels enabled for the user.
  • Status: The connection status of users on the discussion panel is shown here (offline, online, busy, unavailable).

  • Log in: Last connection of the agent
  • Satisfaction: Average satisfaction of the agent since his account was created
  • Created on: Shows the creation date of the account.

Note: You can disconnect any user from the discussion panel by clicking on their status.

3. Find a user or filter information

Find a user by entering his name in the search field and/or filter the results using the role or status filters. Click on the following icon  to get the result of your search. 

4. Edit or delete a user account

To edit a user account, click on the following icon . 

To delete an account, click .


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