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How your page views are recorded within iAdvize

Depending on your iAdvize subscription, a usage limit in terms of pageviews could be defined. This article explains how they are accounted for, and how you can consult the number of pageviews consumed.

1/ Calculation of the number of pageviews

From the time the iAdvize code is installed on the pages of your site, a page view is counted for each page loaded (if our script is present on the page):

  • If a visitor loads the same page several times, a pageview will be recorded each time it is loaded.
  • The page count is not related to the presence of an agent connected to the discussion panel. If no agent is connected to the discussion panel, each visitor on your site will still incur additional pageviews.

In fact, each loading of the iAdvize script leads to loading on our servers. Moreover, even without agents connected iAdvize calculates missed opportunities for your site. Also, in the presence of the conversion tag we always record the transactions on your site.

2/ How to consult your consumption of pageviews

Via the subscription page, you will also find the number of page views used for your current subscription.
To access it click your avatar displayed at the top right of the iAdvize administration, and select "My account":

On the next page, select "Subscription". On this page is displayed your pages views quota, the number of pageviews consumed and the duration of your subscription: