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Browsers supported by iAdvize

iAdvize is a SaaS application based primarily on modern web technologies and therefore it requires a powerful web browser.

Generally, iAdvize is best with the two last versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge and Safari to the extent that such versions have been tested and approved by our technical team.

iAdvize can work on older versions (details below) but they are not officially supported anymore. That is why we do not undertake to make systematically fixes on these older versions.

Also, we advise you to update your browser regularly.

If you do not know your browser’s version or how to update it, take a look at this page : 

Here are the details of iAdvize compatibility with the different versions of existing browsers :

1) Livechat (Visitor side)

Recommended browsers :

  • Edge, the last two versions
  • Firefox, the last two versions
  • Chrome, the last two versions
  • Safari*, the last version

Supported browsers :

  • Edge 12+
  • Firefox 31+
  • Chrome 41+
  • Safari* 9+
  • Opera 35+
  • Internet Explorer 11

2) Conversation panel, iAdvize Administration, Ibbü Administration (Back office side)

Recommanded browsers :

  • Edge, the last two versions
  • Firefox, the last two versions
  • Chrome, the last two versions
  • Safari*, the last version

Les navigateurs supportées sont : 

  • Edge 13+
  • Firefox 31+
  • Chrome 41+
  • Safari* 10.1+
  • Opera 35+
  • Internet Explorer 11

3) Mirroring / cobrowsing (Conversation panel & supervisor)


Compatibility regarding the visitor's browser:

The mirroring / cobrowsing function is disabled on the conversation panel and the supervisor, if the visitor is using one of these browsers:

  • Internet Explorer versions older than IE10
  • Android versions older than Android 4.4

For these visitors, the message "The browser version that the visitor is using is outdated and is preventing us from displaying the content of the page." will be displayed on the conversation panel or supervisor.

4/ Click-to-Call and Click-to-Video

The Click-to-call with pickup from the iAdvize console and Click-to-video feature are not compatible with Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), Edge 14 and less, Safari 10 and lest. These browsers do not support the WebRTC protocol on which this feature is based on.

5) Required configuration on the browser

  • Javascript must be enabled
  • Cookies must be accepted
  • LocalStorage must be enabled
  • Websockets must be accepted

If this configuration is not respected, we cannot guarantee that iAdvize will work properly.

* Note also that Safari's private browsing disables 'localstorage', which is necessary for the proper functioning of iAdvize. Chat can not be displayed.

6) Required configuration on the Internet

For more information, please read this article.

Fore more information : To know the compatibility of the iAdvize Mobile App, please read this article