The supervision page (depreciated report)

As an administrator or manager, you can see your agents productivity, objectives and ongoing signals in real-time. Access the supervision page to consult exchanges between your agents and visitors as they occur.

1. Accessing the supervision

From your administration, go to "Reports" then choose the "Supervision" report (at the bottom of the menu).

You can access the supervision for the site currently being viewed.

  • Graphics show your activity in real time
  • A data table gives details on the activity of each of your agents

This information is updated every 30 seconds.


2. Reading the graphics

The graphics zone comprises 5 large parts :


2.1 Online agents (1)

At a glance, you know how many agents are connected to their discussion panel and their status (available, busy, unavailable).

In green: Agent online and available
In orange: Agent online but busy
In red: Agent unavailable

2.2 Satisfaction (2)

Follow customer satisfaction throughout the day overall or by criterion (welcome/ response time/ quality of response).

In green: Good
In orange: Average
In red: Poor

2.3 Goals to be achieved (3)

Define your productivity goals by going to "People", then "Objectives".

The graphics shown in the supervision area tell you about the progression of the objectives to be achieved in real-time.

2.4 Visitors connected to chat or call (4)

See the number of visitors currently talking to your agents. Visitors shown in red are those where a signal has been triggered (handling duration or response time exceeded).

The number of available slots is calculated according to the number of slots available to receive a conversation per agent or per bot.


3. Detailed table by agent


This table gives the activity of each agent currently connected to the discussion panel.

Here are the indicators showed and what they correspond to:

Intitulé Définition
Agent Names of agents currently online
Presence Duration of the agent's presence for the current day
Contacts Number of discussions handled by the agent over the day
AHT Average discussion duration for the agent
Contacts/H The average number of discussions handled by the agent per hour
T/O Turnover generated by the agent over the day
Conv. Rate Percentage of number of discussions which has generated a sale per total discussions
Transactions Number of transactions generated by the agent
Satisfaction Average satisfaction rate
In progress This is the number of discussions being handled by the agent on the site supervised.
Status This gives the number of discussions being handled by the agent on all sites attributed.


Click the button  to access the supervisor and see the discussions currently being handled by your agents.

Note: Red exclamation marks that appear in the table show that a signal has been triggered (handling duration or response time exceeded) for the agent concerned.