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Sending a canned response

To optimise handling times, we allow you to pre-record responses that can then be sent to your visitors. This article shows you how to use canned responses from the conversation panel.

There are two ways to access canned responses within the conversation panel:

1/ Via the response selection menu

From the conversation panel, click  or use the "top" arrow of your keyboard to show the menu containing the canned responses. These are shown as follows:


You will access the response categories, and clicking one of them will show the sub-categories or the responses contained within the clicked category.

You can also navigate in the response menu by using the left and right arrow of your keyboard, and select one response by pressing "Enter".

2/ Via automatic response suggestion

If the option "Suggest canned responses when a message is being typed" is selected in settings, you simply have to start typing a message and the responses containing what you have typed will be suggested:

You can go to the suggested answser by using the top arrow of your keyboard, and select it by pressing "Enter".