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Personalise an invitation

A default appearance is offered for your invitations. However, if you wish for them to be more consistent with the rest of your site, you can modify the appearance and adjust settings for the different communication channels.

Two choices are possible:
1/ Personalising your invitation using the iAdvize interface
2/ Our graphic design team creates for you a unique design to match your site

1/ Personalising your invitation using the iAdvize interface

To access the invitation management page, go to "Engagement" then "Notification > Invitations".

If you modify an existing invitation or create a new one, you will then have access to the personalisation page:

  • In the black banner (1) you will find all of the available customisation options.
  • In the centre of the page (2) an overview of your modifications is shown.

Here are the different elements you can personalise:

  • Name: start by giving your invitation a name.
  • Type: depending on the channels available with your subscription, you can choose to create an invitation for Chat, for Call, Chat + Call or Video.

  • Size and position of your invitation on the page

  • The text shown in the invitation can be configured in the different languages managed by iAdvize:

  • Colour: either by choosing one of the predefined colours or by setting your HTML colour code.
  • Portrait: we offer 17 different agent portraits. It is not possible to define another portrait to those offered unless through a graphic customisation by our graphic design team (see point 3 below).
  • Options: you can decide whether or not to display the portrait in the invitation box, and not to display the background when it is shown on your site. Below is an example of (1) with background and (2) without background:

2/ Our graphic design team creates for you a unique design to match your site

Proactive invitations, floating buttons or even chat windows: our team of graphic designers will use your brand identity as inspiration to propose dialogue elements adapted to your chart, which respect best practices in terms of instant e-customer services.

Discover examples of graphic work on our site: graphic customisation

Questions about personalisation? Contact us.