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Manage the reported problems

All problems reported by your agents are recorded and can be found in your iAdvize administration. You can consult the different problems reported by the agents and mark them as resolved.

1/ Accessing the problem reports page

To access the page where you can see problems which have been reported, do to "Reports" then "Problems”.



2/ Managing reported problems

This page comprises two parts, with three global indicators at the top:

These three indicators give:

  • the total number of problems reported for your site
  • the number of problems marked as unresolved
  • the average resolution time for these problems

Under these indicators, you will find the complete list of problems that have been reported:

The first column, "Status", allows you to quickly identify problems that are unresolved, and the other columns provide you with the information given by agents (risk level from 1 to 5, subject, problem frequency).

You can delete a problem, and modify it or consult more details by clicking the edit icon.

3/ Marking a problem as resolved

By modifying a problem you can:

  • See the comment given by the agent when the problem was reported (1)
  • Mark the problem as resolved (2)