The Supervise feature (depreciated function)

Supervisor gives you real-time access to all active conversations. In order to assist your agents in the treatment of a conversation, it is also possible for you to contact them directly.


The supervise feature is not available if you try to supervise this type of conversations:

- Conversations handled by agents connected to iAdvize from the mobile application (when supervising an agent, nothing will be displayed)
- Conversations handled by a bot (when supervising a bot, nothing will be displayed)
- All the conversation from offsite channels (Messenger / Facebook / Twitter / Text messages SMS / WhatsApp). When supervising these conversations, an empty window will be displayed

Also note that attachment management with this feature is deprecated.

1. The supervisor's view

To access the supervisor’s view, you must go to the supervision's page first. 

From your administration, go to "Reporting" and then choose the report "Supervision" (in the bottom of the menu).

Once on the supervision page, you can access to the supervisor by clicking this icon  located in the list of different agents connected on the discussion panel :

Then, you are in the supervisor's view, which is in three parts :

1.1 Online agents :

As a supervisor, you can see the number of active conversations each agent has and the maximum number of conversations each agent can handle simultaneously. By clicking on the name of an agent on the list, you can monitor his or her active conversations.
When agents' productivity objectives are not respected during a conversation, agents receive a warning signal:


1.2 The supervised agent' active conversations 

Each "box" represents a discussion. "Boxes" contain various information about the discussion.

1.3 The conversation you are supervising

You can look at the entire conversation in progress and send messages to agents when they need to be supported.

NB: For the moment, the supervisor is not functional for agents chatting on mobile...


⚠ It is recommended to open a single supervisor and then click on the advisor icon (1). If you close the supervisor each time and open it again for another advisor, the advisor will no longer be displayed

2. Communicate with agents via supervisor

Messages sent to agents via the supervision panel will only be visible to the agent and the manager in question. Visitors supported won't see the messages appear on their chat conversation.

In order to clearly differentiate the different types of messages in conversations, the messages sent by managers are preceded by the words (on the supervisor and the discussion panel).

Here's a conversation during which a supervisor sent a message to an agent :

Please note: only the messages sent to agents from the supervision are private. Thus, agents cannot respond to these messages without visitors noticing it.


For further information go toDefining productivity objectives and signals