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Chatting with several visitors

You are comfortable with your conversation panel and want to increase your productivity? 
It is possible to handle multiple chats simultaneously within iAdvize.

1/ Configure the user account 

To set or change the maximum number of simultaneous chats that you can receive on the conversation panel, click on your avatar displayed at the top right of the iAdvize administration and select "My account":

Then click "Communication" and "Simultaneous chats".

There you can configure the number of simultaneous chats allowed for your account.

2/ Manage multiple chats in the conversation panel

The bar at the bottom includes all of your ongoing discussions. 
Each contact is shown as a state box. Clicking on any of the boxes will open the associated chat.

A red box is a chat to which you have not responded, green is an active chat on the screen, grey is an inactive discussion.
You can display multiple chats simultaneously on the screen by selecting one of the display mode available:

Multiple display does not allow you to properly visualise the visitor's navigation. If you want to see the visitor's page, you will need to return to the single display mode.