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Managing pre-recorded (canned) responses

It is possible to add pre-recorded responses (canned responses), which enable you to respond more quickly to visitors' frequently asked questions. They are easily accessible from the iAdvize discussion panel.

1/ Managing canned responses
2/ Adding a canned response
3/ Display in the discussion panel
4/ Adjusting the settings of canned responses

5/ The canned responses for your community

1/ Managing canned responses

Canned responses are managed from the Content (which is also used to manage links and offers). Go to "People", then "Content" and select Canned responses in the dropdown menu : 

Here you can consult all existing responses:

On this page you can:

  • Manage and create a new canned response (1) : 3 pictogrammes to manage categories, settings and create a new canned reponse.
  • Search for and sort responses (2) : by filtering responses by category, or searching the content of existing response
  • Edit or delete a response (3) : Click on the  icon to permanently delete a response. To edit a response, click the  icon .

2/ Adding a canned response

Note: Before adding responses, you should first create categories to organise them.

From the administration area : To add a new response, you simply need to select the category (1) to which it will be assigned, then enter the content of the response (2) and to whom you would make them available (3) :


3/ Display on the discussion panel

There are two ways to access pre-recorded responses via the discussion panel:

3.1/ Via the response selection menu
From the discussion panel, click  to show the menu containing the canned responses. These are shown as follows :

In (1), you will see the categories, and in (2) the responses in each category.

3.2/ Via automatic response suggestion

If the autocomplete option "Display canned responses when typing a new message" is selected in settings (see point 4 below), you simply have to start typing a message and the responses containing what you have typed will be suggested :

4/ Adjusting the settings of pre-recorded responses

You can access the settings page from this icon :

On this page, you can define how the responses will be accessed from the discussion panel :

  • Autocomplete (1) : once this option has been activated, responses will be suggested automatically depending on what you have typed in the discussion panel (see example above)
  • Sort order for canned responses (2) : Allows the display order of responses in the menu accessible from the discussion panel to be changed (by alphabetical order, or by date of creation).
  • Sort order for answer categories (3) : Allows the display order of response categories in the menu accessible from the discussion panel to be changed (manual sorting, by alphabetical order, or by date of creation).
  • Shortcuts for accessing the canned response menu (4) : Here you can define a custom keyboard shortcut to access the response menu quickly

5/ The canned responses for your community

When a community is activated on your website, you can make the difference between the canned responses of your agents or your expert (community).

Read also: Sending a canned response.