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Sending a pre-recorded link

Once your pre-recorded links are saved in your administration, you can send them to a visitor during a conversation. Here is how to do this:

1/ Using a pre-recorded link from the discussion panel

From the discussion panel, you will find a "Send link" tab in the action panel of your chat window.

Clicking this tab opens the link sending window. This is composed of 3 elements:


  • Search tool (1) which allows you to find a link quickly by searching for its name, or sorting them by criterion or category.
  • Search result (2) which displays the link(s) you searched for. Transfer the link to the visitor by clicking the icon . Click "Automatically transfer the visitor to this address" if you wish to force the visitor's navigation (however, we advise leaving the choice of clicking the link or not to the visitor).
  • Use this form (3) to send a link which has not previously been recorded and select the "Add this link to the pre-recorded link list" box if you wish to add it to your list of existing links.

2/ Display of the link on the visitor side

When a link is sent, the visitor receives an alert in the chat window informing him/her that a link has been received:

Note: The way the link is displayed on the visitor side can be different depending on the customized template set up for your iAdvize account.