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Viewing or taking control of the visitor's navigation (mirroring / cobrowsing)

During a discussion with your visitor, you see the page he/she is browsing in the background of your conversation panel (this is called "mirroring"). It is possible to take this further, and take control of the visitor's navigation to guide him/her through your site.

1. Definition

Taking control of the navigation (also called "cobrowsing") means directing your visitor through your site by carrying out actions (clicking, completing forms etc.) on his/her behalf. These actions are reproduced on the visitor's screen.

2. Taking control of the navigation

As an agent, from the action pane of your chat box, you can ask a visitor to take control of the navigation from the "Take control" icon. 


This request is shown within the discussion in the visitor's chat box. The visitor can then accept or refuse the request.



3. How the cobrowsing is displayed on the conversation panel

Once cobrowsing has been initiated, the visitor's page in the background of your panel is no longer greyed out (1) but coloured (2). 



Note: We advise you to reduce the chat box for better visibility when cobrowsing. 

4. Ending the cobrowsing

To return the control of the navigation to the visitor, click the icon "Take control" again.



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