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Managing chat unavailability

When all of your agents handling the chat channel are offline or busy, you can still offer visitors the possibility to contact you.

The two main options available here are:

1/ Offering chat when all the agents are busy

To access the page allowing you to manage chat unavailability, go to "Settings" then "Automatic messages":

By default, the chat is set to not be offered when all agents are busy or disconnected ("OFF"):


1/ Offering chat when all the agents are busy

When all of your agents are busy, you can activate a queue (your visitors then wait until an agent is available).

1.1/ Configuring the chat when all the agents are busy

Changing the button corresponding to "When all agents are busy" to "ON" displays the configuration options for this mode:

When the queue is activated, you can choose between:

  • Limiting the queue capacity to "XX" places: The queue capacity will be fixed.
  • Limiting the queue capacity to "XX" places per online agent: The queue capacity will be proportional to the number of agents connected to the discussion panel. Example: 4 agents are online and the ratio chosen is 2: the queue therefore has a capacity of 8 visitors.

Note: When this option is activated, contrary to the disconnected mode, behavioural targeting is taken into account for offering the chat (within the limits of the queue's capacity). When the maximum queue capacity is reached, the chat is no longer offered to visitors.

1.2/ What your visitors see

When all of your agents are busy, visitors who attempt to contact an agent will be transferred to the queue.

In the chat window, the visitor is informed of his/her place in the queue when a message is sent:

1.3/ What your agents see

When an agent closes an ongoing chat, he/she will receive the chat from the visitor in first place in the queue. An information message will be shown in the discussion panel to tell the agent that the visitor has come from the queue:

1.4/ Seeing the current queue status

Via the supervision page, it is possible to see the number of visitors currently in the queue and the number of places still available:

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