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Consulting and modifying your subscription

When does my subscription end? Has my page view quota been exceeded? Do I have any Click to Call credit left? A "Subscription" page can be found in your administration to answer these questions.

In this article, we differentiate between two types of iAdvize subscription:

  • "monthly pre-authorised credit card payment"
  • "on quotation"

Depending on the type of offer you have subscribed to, you will not have access to the same information in the "Subscription" tab of your administration.

1/ Accessing the subscription page
2/ Your subscription
3/ Your contact details
4/ Your bills

1/ Accessing the subscription page

From the iAdvize administration, click your profile image displayed at the top right of every page of the administration (1), then select "My account" (2):

On the next page, click "Subscription":

2/ Your subscription

This page summarises all information related to your subscription. It comprises the following:

2.1/ Your subscription (1)

Here you will find the pre-tax price of your subscription and your rights of use. 

  • Agent access: This is the number of agents who can connect to the discussion panel at the same time to handle incoming contact. This figure may vary depending on your subscription. 
  • Website: This is the number of sites on which you can use our solution. This figure may vary depending on your subscription.
  • Features: Access to behavioural targeting and statistics can be limited depending on your subscription. 

Note: if you would like to modify one of these subscription settings, please contact your Customer Success Manager, or call +44 (0) 203 445 0904.

2.2/ Your page view quota (2)

The amount of your subscription also depends on the number of page views on your site. We count them using our iAdvize tag placed on each of your web pages. As soon as our tag is called up, a new page view is recorded.

Here you will find the quota of page views used up during the current subscription period. A warning email will be sent to you when you are close to the page view limit. If this happens, please contact your Customer Success Manager, or call +44 (0) 203 445 0904. Once this quota has been exceeded, your account is deactivated and iAdvize is no longer offered on your site.

2.3/ Renewing your subscription (3)

The next renewal date for your subscription is shown here. In the case of monthly pre-authorised payments, we also mention the amount (with all taxes) of your next bill. 

2.4/ Ending your subscription (4)

To end your subscription, please contact your Customer Success Manager, or call +44 (0) 203 445 0904.

2.5 / Your quota of telephone/video calls

If you use our Click to Call and Click to Video channels, a box for each channel shows how many minutes you have left. The call quota can be shown in terms of number of calls or call duration depending on what was defined when you signed up. 

3/ Your contact details

Click the "Contact details" to access this page. 

It comprises the following: 

3.1/ Payment details

For a monthly card payment subscription only, enter your card information here so that your subscription can be debited. You can change your bank details at any time.

In the case of a quotation-based subscription, do not give your bank details. The means of payment is determined with your iAdvize sales agent when you sign up to our services.

3.2/ Company billing details

Give your billing address here.

3.3/ Company contact details

Please give us the name of our contact at your company who is responsible for implementing and monitoring iAdvize. 

4/ Your bills

For a monthly card payment subscription only click the "Bills" tab to access your bills.

Here you will find all of your bills (only for clients paying by card). For quotation-based subscriptions, your sales agent will send you a bill by email following your subscription.  

  • (1) Use the search engine to find a bill quickly.
  • (2) Click the icon  to download it in PDF format.


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