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Satisfaction report

Are your visitors satisfied with the exchanges with your agents? Give them the opportunity to complete a satisfaction survey and monitor the overall or per agent results from your iAdvize administration.

1/ Activate the satisfaction survey

This article describes how to activate the satisfaction survey for your website: Managing the chat behaviour when ending a conversation.

2/ Access the satisfaction report

To access the satisfaction report, go to "Reports" and "Satisfaction" :

3/ Consult the satisfaction data

The satisfaction statistics let you know the evolution of customer satisfaction by criteria (Quality of the agents' welcome, Response time, Quality of the response) or by agent and the response rate.

The page you get consists of 4 elements :

(1) The filter selection:

Filter data based on results desired. You can apply a filter per channel, type of view (agent, group, type of contact, skill) and date.  

(2) The indicators

Here is the list of indicators provided on the presentation page and what they correspond to:

Title Description Formula
Overall satisfaction Overall satisfaction rate of visitors. Average of all the satisfaction feedback (in %) (red =0%, orange=50%, green =100%)
Quality of the agent's welcome Visitor satisfaction rate regarding the manner in which they were welcomed. Average score (in %) (red =0%, orange=50%, green =100%)
Quality of answers provided Visitors' satisfaction rate with the response given by the agent. Average score for response (in %) (red =0%, orange=50%, green =100%)
Response time
Visitor satisfaction rate with the wait time before receiving an answer. Average score for waiting period (in %) (red =0%, orange=50%, green =100%)
Number of respondents
Number of visitors who answered the satisfaction survey after a chat. Sum of contacts who responded to the survey.
Response rate Number of visitors who answered the satisfaction survey after a chat. Number of respondents / Contacts initiated

(3) The graphics

They show the evolution of indicators as well as the percentage distribution according to the selected view (agent, skill, etc.) 

(4) The data table

It presents detailed numerical tabular data. You can check the details of each line by clicking on this icon  or export the table in CSV format using this symbol  .