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Confirm the application of a visitor

There are two ways to recruit new experts. The first one is to send an invitation to your clients. The second one is to offer the possibility to your visitors to apply as an expert.

In this article, we'll describe the second way. 

1/ Apply to become an expert

From your web site, you can propose to your visitors to fill in an application form: 

The future expert first has to create his user account.
Once he has entered his information (identity, e-mail, password, short description of his motivation), he will receive a message indicated that his application will be reviewed. 

2/ Accept or refuse a pending application

To check the list of the pending candidates waiting for you to answer, go to: "People" > "Recruitment" and then select "Manage your candidates".

You'll find on this page all the information completed by the candidate including his motivation. You just have to accept or refuse his application.
An e-mail is then sent to the candidate to inform him about your decision. 

The new expert can then log into his discussion panel thanks to the login page that you have added to your website.