Connect your client identifiers to your visitors using custom data (extID)

By inserting a javascript custom data, it is possible to link the identifiers given to your clients with visitors with whom you have conversations using iAdvize.

Contrary to other custom data (which are used for targeting or simply shown on the discussion panel), this identifier is stored by iAdvize and assigned to the iAdvize visitor records.

Even if your visitor is using different browsers/devices, using the extID will allow iAdvize to associate all the conversations to the same visitor record. 

Note: The visitor authentication system fully replaces the usage of the "ExtID". Then, if you use the visitor authentication system in an authenticated space of your website, you have to ensure that you are not using the "ExtID" system in parallel.


1. Set up the "external identifier" custom data

Here is the javascript code to add to your pages:

<script type="text/javascript">
 window.idzCustomData = {

Here, FR-012345 should be replaced by the identifier attributed to your client.


  • This identifier can have a maximum length of 50 characters.
  • The code must be inserted before the iAdvize code.

It is mandatory to use a UNIQUE extID value for each of your customers. Otherwise, iAdvize will consider them as one and the same visitor. We will then associate all the conversations of visitors with the same extID. This creates a confidentiality issue: visitors will then have access to the content of the different conversations within the same thread (text and attachments). 

The extID value should either be empty, or having a unique value.

2. Using the external identifier

When iAdvize detects the presence of this custom data, the identifier is stored within the visitor records. It is shown during the consultation of the visitor information, from the administration or the discussion panel:


You can then access this identifier via our API, or via the CSV-format discussion exports.

2.1 Via the iAdvize API

If you use our API, the external identifier allows you to connect the information you have on your clients with the resources provided by iAdvize.

In the API documentation you will find this identifier under the field named "externalId", accessible from the "Visitor" resource.

2.2 In exported conversations

From the conversation history page (Log), you can create a csv export of the data associated with conversations:

The "external ID" column in this export then contains your client identifier:


We also recommend reading: Creating and using custom data.