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Invite a visitor to become an expert

To increase the size of your expert's community, you can either accept the requests of the visitors who would like to join it or send invitations to the visitors of your choice.
Here is how to recruit your future experts.

Note: From the account management page, you create manually an expert account by entering his account information.

In this article, we'll see how to send an invitation per mail. 

1/ Send an invitation per e-mail

First click "People" (1), "Selection" (2) and then "Recruit your community" (3):

This pop-up will appear:

  • (1) Indicate the e-mail address of the future(s) expert(s). If you indicate more than one e-mail address, separate them with a comma.
  • (2) You can also import a CSV file containing all the e-mail addresses. The CSV file should only have one column. 
  • (3) Select the website to which you'd like to associate the new expert. He will only deal with the requests coming from this site.
  • (4) Select the skill(s) of the expert. He will thus receive in priority discussions delaing about those subjects. 

2/ The visitor receives the invitation and create his account

On his side, the visitor receives a customized invitation per e-mail with your website's colors.

Clicking on "Join the community" will redirect him to a subscription form in which he'll have to add his name, surname, password and a brief description of his motivations. 

Note: The email and the subscription page can be customized.

Once the form has been submitted, he will be directed to the discussion panel page (without any further authorization needed from your side).