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Install and configure the Zendesk application

It may happen that an instant conversation via iAdvize isn't enough to solve a visitor's problem. In this case, the Zendesk connector can allow you to create tickets automatically so that you can keep on helping your visitor through the Zendesk portal. 

1/ Install the application

From your iAdvize administration, firstly select the web site for which you want to install the application (from the dropdown menu displayed at the top right side).

Look then under Apps in the upper menu bar and select Zendesk under the available applications.

On the following page, click the Install button.

2/ Authentication

On the following page, please enter your login data to connect to your Zendesk account. 

Activate the option "Automatically create a ticket after each conversation" if needed. 

Save the changes and the application will available under the installed applications. 


3/ Implement the"cust_email"custom data 

To be able to detect if a visitor already got in touch with you via Zendesk, iAdvize needs to retriev his e-mail address. 
To send us this information, you need to implement a java script custom data on your website using the following label : "cust_email".
Please take a look at the following article if you need help to implement the custom data.

4/ Use the Zendesk connector

Once the "cust_email" custom data has been implemented :

  • at the top of the chat window, the agent will see the number of unresolved issues of the visitor he is chatting with.
  • if he opens the past messages available on the right side, he will also find the older tickets opened by this visitor.

If you haven't activated the option to create automatically a ticket after each conversation, the agent will still have the possibility to create a Zendesk ticket at the end of the conversation. 

The email address of the visitor will automatically appears in the upper field as well as the conversation ID that you'll find back within the iAdvize administration. 

The transcription of the conversation will automatically be sent to Zendesk to create a new ticket :