Use SSO (Single Sign-On) to log into iAdvize

iAdvize offers a SSO method (Single Sign-On) that allows you to provide your application users a unique authentification system. It will allow them to get connected to iAdvize without having to enter their username and password.

1. Find the SSO key of a user account

From the iAdvize administration:

When editing a user account, the SSO key can be displayed when clicking "SSO token" :

From the iAdvize API:

The SSO key associated to a user account is available from our API, in the operator ressource (field sso_key).

2. Get connected using the SSO key

All you need is to use the key in this url:

  • For the standard platform:
  • For the high availability platform:

When a user visits this URL, he will be automatically logged into its iAdvize account without having to type any login / password.