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Create and manage badges and rewards

To nurture your community of brand advocates and retain them, iAdvize has created a system of badges and rewards they can unlock according to predefined criteria. 20 badges are available by default but you can create more badges and customise them.

1/ Badges and rewards

The idea is simple : your brand advocates can collect a multitude of badges (associated or not to a reward). These badges highlight their involvement in the community, their availability and the quality of their chats.

There is no explanation on how to unlock badges. It's a secret so that brand advocates can interact with each other and find a solution together. It's a good challenge for the brand advocates. 

2/What can brand advocates see ? 

As a brand advocate, I can check my profile and the list of badges I have unlocked. To visualise the description of each badge, move your mouse over them.

3/How can I have access to the badges from the administration

As an administrator, by default, you can see all the badges and know how to unlock them.

To do so, go to "Team" > "Hub" > "Gamification".

4/ Manage badges

The gamification page displays all the badges and rewards that can currently be unlocked by your brand advocates. 

Each badge is associated to an icon, name and triggering criteria. Filling these criteria allows you to obtain the badges and rewards associated to them. 

The number of badges distributed appears in the column called "trigger".

As an administrator, you can look at default badges and associate them to a reward (symbolised by a gift) but you cannot edit them. Only custom badges can be edited. 

Default badges are those which don't have the "custom" type. There are also "temporary" badges which can be unlocked for a limited period, "graded" badges unlocked via different levels (up to 3 stars) and finally "fixed" badges which cannot be customised. 

Of course, you can create custom badges.

5/ Create a custom badge

(1) You can translate your badges in the languages of your choice if needed.

(2) Give a name, a tag, a description, and choose an icon for your badges. 

(3) Define the criteria which unlock badges by choosing between twenty indicators (i.e: productivity, satisfaction, seniority of brand advocates or their involvement, etc.).

(4) Associate a reward to your badges! Your brand advocates will be delighted to get a discount voucher or participate to one of your marketing events.

You can associate a promotional code to your badges by ticking the box which corresponds to this option and / or can insert a link to the page of your choice.